About the architectural firm

Since its creation, our firm has carried out nearly 1900 projects and maintains a steady growth rate.

The firm manages up to $ 30 million annually in construction work, representing approximately 120 projects per year and a total of nearly 2,000 to date.

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Our Services

All along the technical drawings project, the architects at Gosselin & Fortin will provide an integrated design to the requirements of the customer. They will look at all physical and budgetary constraints of the project in order to harmonise design with cost.
Construction site follow up.
A building project can comprise a lot of unforeseeable circumstances. Supervision of an architect will avoid time delays in all aspects of construction. Throughout the construction process, a good architect will prevent potential building defects.
Climate, temperature, winds and usage have an effect on the lifetime of buildings. The expertise of an architect will allow you to predict the repairs and maintenance you will need to do to prolong your building’s lifetime.
Project management
From permit deliverance, to time management and coordination of all project collaborators, building projects have many legal and administrative aspects. Our firm helps you to do an effective overall project coordination.
3D Imagery
Do you need presentation images to convince clients or investors? Our team makes realistic project images that help you to create a very good impression for your project in order to find your investors or new clients.
Oportunities studies
Our firm can accompany you at the beginning of your project to verify all the different possibilities and to help you make the best decisions possible.